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Metal casting mold industry is still a big rear area

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015/5/30 22:42:12 Hits:5349
      As we all know, in the field of industry, car manufacturing, large-scale equipment stamping, mobile digital products such as injection molding process, it is necessary to use the mold steel, due to the new product safety and quality requirements progress, die steel is also quietly in the upgrading.
      Car mold steel into the upgrading of the time to improve the quality of safety requirements, at that time, some companies use the mold steel, has now can not meet the new standards of the use of demand, die steel into an updated time, such as car stamping company, demand with the hardness and patience is very good steel, in order to prevent cracking, but also to ensure that the hardness of the stamping parts. International model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui marked, who touch the injection molding, die-casting, stamping, molding products, needs to use the mold steel. At that time, due to domestic and industrial manufacturing technology constraints, large some high quality die steel relying on foreign imports to prolong the demand gap. The upgrading of product type is inevitable, due to the needs of the community is always the forward swing, consumers about quality and the external demand will continue to progress, company only jingdiaoxilou, increase R & D efforts to pioneer new products, to meet the diverse needs of the market.
      At that time, there are three kinds of typical die steel market become xiangbobo. They are flame steel, mould steel 2738, Hitachi DACs mould steel, the steel, but manufacturing industry material replacement replacement background sales the best three. Why are they SA? According to Luo Baihui introduction, flame steel is used in the manufacture of precision molds, the quality of the precision of the rapid progress, the quenching of the flame steel width, overheating sensitivity is small, widely used in all kinds of precision product manufacturing. Hitachi DACS die steel is generally used in die casting die, it's flexible and stable, not easy to deformation. With the above two kinds of die steel precision and soft tolerance compared, elegant mould steel 2738 is economic benefit, it in the factory as the pre hardened disposal, because at the time of the high-end digital products sell like hot cakes, after the acquisition can be directly processed and reduce halfway through heat treatment procedure, saving money in this economy, the comparison of the economic benefit is high. Users how to choose die steel three new typical die steel. Strengths, the user in the acquisition time, about how to choose it? Marked Luo Baihui, users in the choice of time of die steel, mainly is sailing from the function, use, quality, economic benefits, manufacturing precision products, about to take into consideration the quality of long-term, the proposed purchase of steel by flame, and some do not have the specific precision requirement can be selected by the economic benefits as well as the mould steel 2738. Above three kinds of mould steel, is the typical type of industrial materials after upgrading, summarized the use, function, quality and other three major areas, meet the requirements of the company's application, the user according to the use of self demand, can choose.
Contact: Miss Su  15995651409  Tel: 0512-87882109  Fax: 0512-57037099  E-mail: suesu@hrjmmj.com.cn
Website: www.hrjmmj.com.cn  Address: No. 471 Road, Kunshan Development Zone Kunjia
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