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_Precision stamping parts | Precision stamping die |CNC precision machining |  Mobile shield  | Sheet metal processing

_Precision stamping parts | Precision stamping die |CNC precision machining |  Mobile shield  | Sheet metal processing
Kunshan Hao Run Precision Mold Co.,LTD
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    Kunshan Hao Run Precision Mold Co.,LTD was established in 2008, is a set mold design, mold manufacturing, precision stamping, CNC machining, assembly, and on behalf of customers in product development, processing, melt metal, plastic products as one of the complex package manufacturer. NOTEBOOK specializing in components, cell phone components, LED lamp cup, lamp shells and other digital electronic products stamping parts processing. The company from inception to the present, has developed into a company with a staff of nearly 120 people, covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters of medium-sized enterprises.
   The company has streamlined professional engineering, quality control, production team and first-class CAD systems, PRO-E, UGNX drawing software systems, R & D staff of 12 people, the use and generation in different forms range data provided specifically for the production of reliable and convenient Design Mould FIG. Its experienced design team, to provide early technical support to maintain close technical contact with customers, adhere to quickly convert from design concept to actual production.
    High quality products derived from the high-quality equipment. To this end, the company is equipped with imported high-performance mold processing equipment and testing equipment and professional support manufacturers, pneumatic punch 25 units, all equipped with continuous molding production lines, CNC machining ,, six product lines supporting the processing sector and workshop in capacity on We can meet customer demand for the product.
    Quality is the first life-ho-run companies. Company decision-makers aware of this truth, not only committed to the implementation and improve the ISO9001: 2012 quality system and ISO14001 environment system, and invest heavily in the configuration of three yuan, the second element, supporting manufacturers with high and low temperature tester and salt spray tester a series of test equipment, the purpose is to make our products better meet increasing customer quality requirements. Our quality policy is: scientific management, excellent quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
    After years of hard work, the company integrated resources, the establishment of a complete materials supply chain. Optimization, screening and cooperation, a number of powerful alliances, trust and stable material suppliers, making the business reputation Xiangde Chang. On the management side, according to the specific cooperation to conduct an annual assessment, classification, implementation and implementation of quality, environmental management system requirements. For each material supplier for effective management, the company's demand for material safety, smoothly.
    To the company's products and production, operation to a higher level, and foster new economic growth point. We will always uphold the "integrity management, customer first, win-win wealth and contribute to society" business philosophy; adhere to quality first, sustainable development, business strategy, and constantly strengthen the quality management, environmental management and safety management, and in the face of new the case of opportunities and challenges, pragmatic, efficient, pioneering and enterprising, professional focus on open innovation, continue to provide the most reliable wealth wise internet.
Contact: Miss Su  15995651409  Tel: 0512-87882109  Fax: 0512-57037099  E-mail: suesu@hrjmmj.com.cn
Website: www.hrjmmj.com.cn  Address: No. 471 Road, Kunshan Development Zone Kunjia
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