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Experts how to look at the development prospects of China\'s mold, mold accessories industry

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      Experts recently in an interview with the analysis that the mold industry will be large, precision, complex, efficient, long life and more functional direction of development. At present, electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, household appliances, communications and military products, 60% - 80% of the parts, rely on molding. High precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption of the products made by the mould are not comparable to other manufacturing processes. Mold in a large extent determines the quality of products, efficiency and development capabilities.
     Experts believe that China's mold industry to further develop multi-functional composite mold, a set of multi die stamping parts in addition, responsible for lamination, tapping, riveting and locking assembly tasks. This kind of multi - functional mould production is no longer a batch of parts, but a group of components, such as contact and support components, all kinds of micro motor, electrical and instrumentation of the core components, etc.. Multi - color and multi material plastic forming die will also have a rapid development. This kind of mould can shorten the period of production, and will be developed and applied in different fields in the future. With the increasing popularization of the hot runner technology, the proportion of hot runner mold in plastic mold will be gradually improved. The use of hot runner technology can improve the productivity and quality of the products, and can save the raw materials of the products. The application of this technology is very popular in foreign countries.
     Domestic hot runner mold has also been produced, some enterprises has reached about 30%, but overall, the proportion is too low, should be developed. With the continuous improvement and development of plastic molding technology, gas assisted mold and adapt to high pressure injection molding process of the mold will Sui Zhi hair, the experts believe that the application of mold standard will become increasingly wide range of mold standardization and mold standard parts can greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle. Using die standard parts not only can shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also can improve the quality and reduce the mold manufacturing cost. At the same time, the prospect of rapid economic mold is very broad.
Contact: Miss Su  15995651409  Tel: 0512-87882109  Fax: 0512-57037099  E-mail: suesu@hrjmmj.com.cn
Website: www.hrjmmj.com.cn  Address: No. 471 Road, Kunshan Development Zone Kunjia
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