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_Precision stamping parts | Precision stamping die |CNC precision machining |  Mobile shield  | Sheet metal processing

_Precision stamping parts | Precision stamping die |CNC precision machining |  Mobile shield  | Sheet metal processing
Kunshan Hao Run Precision Mold Co.,LTD
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Pre-sales service commitment:
1. To provide the special needs of product design, manufacturing, to meet customer's individual needs.
2. The company strictly according to the contract for production, shipping, guarantee delivery time according to the contract.

Service commitment:
1, three bags of products sold, the warranty period, such as problems with the plant caused by the product manufacturing quality repair, replace or return; on the issue due to other causes, the plant actively help users solve the problem, in order to ensure timely put into operation, to reduce accident losses to a minimum.
2, installation, commissioning, field service, headed by the deputy chief engineer of technical experts led major equipment from on-site service to solve the problems of users. Key projects accredited site representative.
3, after the company's products reach your office, will be responsible for assisting technical staff to guide the installation, commissioning work.
4, actively cooperate with the user improve work site operation and maintenance management product, feel free to users at cost price of spare parts and accessories factory products.
5, adhere to the first, user-oriented principle, at the disposal of the user of the call, when the need on-site service, I plant guarantee to reply within 24 hours of receiving the user notification, reached the scene within 72 hours, in case of emergency The fastest means of transport arrived within 32 hours.
6, the device such as quality problems in the repair scope, the company responsible for maintenance free and reaches or make the call and respond within 2-5 hours
      7, the customer the purchase of the mold we will provide mold using technology to solve customer problems encountered in the use of, you need a phone, we first time for you to solve.
      8, after the customer orders we will be delivered as needed to produce enough product inventory, we will promptly notify the customer, and seek deadline to make your prospective shipments.
      9. Where the Company to purchase up to a certain amount or number of mold and more customers buy, we will give preferential treatment.

     The company has consistently adhered to "quality first, customer first, quality service, abide by the contract," the purpose, with high quality products, good reputation, high quality services, products sold nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and far sales in Eastern Europe and other countries. Sincerely we look forward to your cooperation!
Contact: Miss Su  15995651409  Tel: 0512-87882109  Fax: 0512-57037099  E-mail: suesu@hrjmmj.com.cn
Website: www.hrjmmj.com.cn  Address: No. 471 Road, Kunshan Development Zone Kunjia
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