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Casting mold production level and ability to improve

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015/5/30 22:52:18 Hits:5256
At present, China's foundry mold production of the main production power comes from the automobile industry, the automobile industry's continuous development is strong, certainly will go to more brilliant achievements, in the current economic globalization tide, the international division of labor is forming. Many foreign based on the cost of pressure, a large number of China's procurement of casting mold, and even the establishment of China's foundry mold production base.
Industry development and the driving force in addition to the development of high-tech R & D and production and international support and other rigid standards, the more important is the market demand. Market development of an industry the most original, the most powerful driving force, where there is demand there will be market. At present, for China's metal casting mold industry, the market is still a powerful driving force for its development, but also the domestic and foreign markets.
China has initially established a complete industrial system, the normal operation of the huge industrial system, the support of the casting mold industry.
The production level and ability of the casting mold has been greatly improved, the gap between the quality of the mold and the international level has been reduced. High quality and low price to drive the growth of foreign purchases, the huge demand for overseas mold market has played a great role in promoting the Chinese mold industry.
With the market and our country casting mold industry as increased a high-power engine, drive the continuous development of China die casting industry and bring our other casting mold industry better development.
Contact: Miss Su  15995651409  Tel: 0512-87882109  Fax: 0512-57037099  E-mail: suesu@hrjmmj.com.cn
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